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The cashew apple is one of the most wasted agricultural products in the country. In an effort to prevent its loss, a Mangaluru-based NITK (National Institute of Technology Karnataka) professor has come up with a patented technology to develop an alcoholic beverage from it.

Prasanna BD, an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at NITK, who was granted a patent titled “Process for Producing an Alcoholic Beverage from Cashew Apple and Raisins and the Resulting Alcoholic Beverage,” recently declared Activity area this cashew apple is considered a good source of energy because it contains carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, carotenoids, phenolic compounds, organic acids and antioxidants.

Although many attempts have been made in different countries to prepare wine, health drinks and raw materials for the production of probiotics from cashew apple, most of the attempts have failed in the market.


He said the technology he developed uses fresh cashew apple and raisins to produce an alcoholic beverage with a beautiful translucent/transparent red color with a sweet, fruity and characteristic cashew apple aroma and bouquets. fine with desirable acidity. He said the characteristic cashew apple astringency is absent from this drink and the alcohol content ranges from 7.5 to 15% v/v.

Asked about the difference between his technology drink and other alcoholic cashew apple drinks such as “feni”, he replied that “feni” is a distilled product. But the cashew apple drink resulting from its technology is not a distilled product. Stating that the alcohol percentage is higher when distilled, he stated that vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients are lost in the distilled product. These drinks cause browning during storage, due to chemical and biochemical reactions.

He said the characteristic fruit flavors fade very quickly during storage, making it difficult for the manufacturer to deliver consistent quality to the consumer at all times. Also, conventional cashew apple wine lacks the beautiful translucent/transparent red color. Stating that the technology developed by him gives the feel of normal red wine, he said that no color is used for it.

Use of raisins

Regarding the use of raisins, he said the technology uses raisins to compensate for the lower content of cashew apple. Stating that the wine should contain 12-15% alcohol, he said that in this case it was necessary to add about 30% sugar content before fermentation. The cashew apple gives a maximum of 12 to 15% sugar. Raisins help meet sugar requirements for wine making.

Along with helping with fermentation, raisins also add to a person’s mouthfeel and health, he said. Prasanna used raisins from the Vijayapura-Bagalkot region of Karnataka while developing this technology.

Regarding the benefits for farmers, he said that cashew apples are wasted in the majority of cases in India. A farmer can get ₹10 per kg cashew apple, if this technology is commercialized. Technology helps convert an agricultural product, which is now wasted, into a unique product. This technology can provide a new drink to the alcoholic beverage industry.

Prasanna said NITK is happy to transfer this technology to interested entrepreneurs and businesses. It will provide the necessary technical support to the licensee during the implementation of the technology. Prasanna, who had applied for the patent in 2012, was granted the patent on May 4.

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May 09, 2022

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