Omaha’s new Detox Sober Lounge will deliver an alcohol-free bar experience

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A new bar concept is hoping to gain momentum in the subway district of Omaha, a sober bar.

“It’s new, it’s a new concept so people are like telling me more, a non-alcoholic bar?” Alexis Lawson said, the spirit behind the idea.

Lawson is currently recovering from a former drug and alcohol addiction.

“I was sober for four years on June 12, I was addicted to methamphetamine, crack, cocaine, weed, alcohol etc, it was good that I had it done, ”Lawson says.

Lawson says that during recovery, fellowship is vital to your success.

“A lot of times we leave a meeting and go like a Perkins or a Village Inn just to have camaraderie and it got old after a while, so it’s like we need our own place.”

In January 2020, Lawson came up with the idea to do just that, to have a space where others recovering can relax, unwind, have fun, and not be surrounded by alcohol or drugs.

“We can come and play pool, play darts, dance, do comedy, have talent shows, and whatever you can imagine a real bar can have, we can do the same without the alcohol. “says Lawson.

Last year, Lawson and the Detox Sober Lounge began hosting pop-up events in other venues to gauge interest and educate the sober community.

Due to COVID, dreams of getting a permanent location slowed until early summer. Lawson told 6 News their lease for vacant space at 72nd and Blondo began on Sunday, August 1, but they are only just getting started.

“The goal is to get to where we can just open the doors, have mocktails, tacos, come and play music on the jukebox, shoot pool, play darts, socialize, play board games, little matter, just hang out like a real bar would be.

They won’t be open full time just yet, but will start hosting their comedy, talent, and other pop-up events in their own space.

They currently need help raising funds for living room furniture as well as commercial kitchen equipment.

“My target market is of course for people who are recovering, but I have learned over the year and a half that we are doing this, that people who are not recovering also appreciate this idea, to be able to come and have a safe space where alcohol is not involved.

Lawson says that idea is slowly turning into reality and that this is a business that the Omaha community can certainly benefit from.

“It’s very important, we need something like this in our city, there is a lot of drug addiction and alcoholism. I actually work in a treatment center, so I see it firsthand. We need a space like this to call home and be safe, ”Lawson said.

The Detox Sober Lounge will have an early opening at its permanent location at 7215 Blondo Street on August 21 starting at 5 p.m.

If you would like to support the Detox Sober Lounge in its efforts to open full time, you can visit its GoFundMe page here.

Information on upcoming events is available on their Facebook page.

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