“OTV found me a rehab center?”

The past few weeks have been a pretty tough battle for popular Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys, as she has had to constantly endure online trolls and defend herself against targeted harassment. Amid all the furor, a rumor that Pokimane was doing drugs on one of her old streams had started to catch everyone’s attention, which she later debunked. However, she once again had to deal with new allegations that OfflineTV paid for her rehab program. Pokimane Twitch Streamer, Pokimane on Drug Allegations, Pokimane on Drug Addiction, Pokimane Slams The Syn Channel, Pokimane Jidion Drama

It all started when on January 12, she was the target of massive online abuse when Jidion viewers were asked to spam her stream with “L+Ratio.” This left her discouraged and forced her to leave the creek halfway. Meanwhile, Fortnite star Ninja and his wife Jessica Blevins threatened to sue her for defamation, when she shared a clip alleging Ninja tried to help Jidion after his permaban.

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In fact, she continued to face abusive trolls, following an old video of the streamer doing ‘drugs’ resurfaced on the internet. Although Pokimane quashed the rumor by revealing how sugar was mistaken for drugs, she recently came across a video from The Sync where they were discussing the same thing. They called her a “drug addict” and explained how Offline TV paid for her drug rehab program.

As channels speculated about her old video, the Moroccan-Canadian streamer was completely baffled. She scoffed at those comments and said, “OTV got me into rehab? The libel suit is coming, I mean it’s a real lie. For starters, if I ever had a drug addiction, I would pay for my own rehab. OTV doesn’t need to have me, I have me. But the absurdity of this statement is absolutely incredible.

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Pokimane went ahead to reveal she hadn’t even smoked once in her life and suggested young people stay away from drug addiction as she explained its ill effects. Additionally, she pointed out how YouTube channel The Sync made the “dumbest, least believable” claim just to get people’s attention.

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