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VIJAYAWADA: The state government has developed an elaborate plan to accelerate the rehabilitation of displaced families of the project (PDF) of the first phase (+41.15 outline) of the Polavaram Irrigation Project (PIP) during the two or the next three months. As a result, the departments carrying out the rehabilitation and resettlement (R&R) works of the settlements have been ordered to complete them by the end of July.

Authorities plan to move 24 homes with 1,999 PDF in June, 31 homes with 5,226 PDF in July and 30 homes with 9,069 PDF in August, according to Jal Shakti’s presentation to the Union Ministry. “More labor is brought in and more machines are deployed to speed up the work. We have prepared a monthly plan to complete the first phase of rehabilitation by August. Efforts are being made to complete the R&R settlements by the end of next month, ”said a senior official.

According to official sources, 5,000 PDFs are currently ready for relocation and their numbers are expected to increase once financial and compensation obligations are met by the government. Authorities have also offered to provide temporary rehabilitation to some PDFs in case the work, which is affected by Covid-19, is further delayed.

As flood levels start to increase in Godavari in July, the Union Ministry is said to have expressed concern about extending the rehabilitation until August, as some villages could be submerged in the event of heavy flooding such as last year, which saw a peak of 23 lakh cusecs. . However, officials assured that measures were being taken to prevent any submersion.

moving PDFs

1 999 – June
5 226 – July
9,069 – August

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