Rehabilitation center for injured mice, other small animals proposed for Kelowna | News

A rehabilitation center for injured birds, groundhogs, mice and squirrels is proposed for southeast Kelowna.

Supporters of the Wild Things Rehabilitation Society claim the facility would care for animals that would otherwise be euthanized.

“Currently, there is nowhere to take injured or orphaned wildlife in the British Columbia interior. If discovered, they are euthanized regardless of their condition or ability to be rehabilitated due to lack of resources. The net result is a loss of wildlife,” write Trent and Ria Kitsch in a development application to the City of Kelowna.

The rehab center is proposed at 2605 O’Reilly Rd. Such a facility would not normally be permitted under city zoning rules on property less than two acres. Since the property is only 1.3 acres, the city would have to grant special permission for the rehab center to go ahead.

“We offer a unique structure with three outdoor enclosures to house injured or orphaned wildlife while they receive medical care and rehabilitation,” said company founder Sydney Platz.

No raptors or predators would be accepted into the facility, Platz says, and the exact list of acceptable species would be determined by the Department of the Environment.

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