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New Delhi: After the Delhi High Court closed 1,108 cases in which investigations against minors in minor cases had been pending for more than a year, the chairman of the Delhi Commission for the Protection of Human Rights child (DCPCR), Anurag Kundu, said the court had ended the investigation, but added the provision to ensure the rehabilitation or social integration of these children.
Addressing a press conference, Kundu said on Saturday: “The court made it clear that the rehabilitation or reintegration of minors will continue according to the needs of the children. The court gave juvenile justice commissions two weeks to review cases whether the children are homeless, come from broken homes or are in dire straits.
Explaining the importance of putting an end to such cases, Kundu said, “Children accused of offenses face stigma and discrimination. Often, schools do not want them to continue and expel them for trivial reasons. Other children bully them, calling them “criminals”, and these children lose friends and as a result, the most basic need for love and friendship is suppressed. This has a negative impact on their mental health and if kept in detention, it deprives them of fundamental freedom. ”
Minor offenses are trespassing, possession / receipt of stolen goods, theft, pornography, dissemination of obscene comments, etc.
Article 14 of the Juvenile Justice Act states that all investigations of children involving minor offenses must be completed within four months and the overall deadline for the investigation of minor offenses may be six months. to the maximum. In February, the DCPCR found that 1,320 cases against children exceeded the maximum period of six months allowed for investigation.

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