Rehabilitation of Breast Cancer Patients Lags, Pink Ribbon Event Says

Regular screening and early detection can further improve treatment and survival rates for breast cancer, but counseling and rehabilitation for patients still lags in China, medical experts said at an event. live broadcast on breast cancer.

Experts from the Shanghai Cancer Center and SinoUnited Health were offering advice as part of the month-long Pink Ribbon campaign to promote health awareness about breast cancer prevention and control.

They provided consultations and answered questions from more than 3,300 people on breast health, menopause issues and other women’s illnesses during the hour-long event.

Dr Liu Guangyu, Department of Breast Surgery, Shanghai Cancer Center, said physical and psychological care is important for breast cancer patients.

“Most cases of breast cancer can be cured if caught early, but recovery and rehabilitation is a long process, requiring the support of the whole of society,” he said. declared.

Female breast cancer has become the most common type of cancer in the world, with 2.3 million cases diagnosed in 2020, surpassing the number of new cases of lung cancer for the first time.

Breast cancer now accounts for 11.7% of all new cancer cases in both sexes, overtaking lung cancer in terms of the number of new cancer cases worldwide.

SinoUnited Health has announced that it will launch a “Pink Ribbon for Wholehearted Love” program to improve public education on breast cancer prevention and control. It will donate 1% of the income from its women’s health center this month to Angel Care, a Shanghai-based cancer care foundation.

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