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(Shenandoah) – Shenandoah officials give high marks to a recently completed property rehabilitation project.

At its regular meeting on Tuesday night, Shenandoah City Council unanimously approved the deed of ownership located at 1202 South Center Street to Frank and Kathy Hammons. Council members awarded the deed after visiting the renovated structure previously damaged by fire. Shenandoah City Administrator AJ Lyman was among those who hailed the completion of the project. Lyman told KMA News that the project has gone from “nut soup” in the renovation process.

“When we came to our deal to rehabilitate the property, it was mostly a shell,” said Lyman. “When I walked in this (Tuesday) evening, I didn’t even recognize him. As for the layout, they removed a wall here and kind of reconfigured what it was going to look like on the inside. This was the property that had suffered fire damage so it needed a complete removal of all fire damage and everything.

Shenandoah Mayor Dick Hunt and Councilor Kim Swank also congratulated the Hammons on the renovation project. In the remaining cases, council has scheduled a public hearing for November 9 at 6 p.m. on the sale of municipal property at 909 7th Avenue to Robert Miller. Lyman says Miller was the top bidder of three for the sale of the city-owned structure.

“This property was selected and went to a public hearing about three months ago,” he said. “In the end, the person who was awarded the initial offer withdrew from the deal. So, we re-announced that. Mr. Miller has expressed interest in the initial sale and has signed up for it.

Lyman says the city continues to make progress in tackling damaging structures and putting rehabilitated properties on the tax roll.

“Most of the time they’re in such bad shape that they almost have to be demolished,” Lyman said. “I think I have a list of about four right now that the town has and I’m 99% sure it needs to be demolished. In the case of a few of those houses, every once in a while we get there fast enough that we can get them back to normal, or we can make an agreement to have those properties back together. We love to see that this is a successful business for the community. We love that the housing stock is still there, we love that it is on the tax roll and we love more residents in the community.

In a related memo, council approved Brian Palmer’s request for a 90-day extension of a contract to rehabilitate 809 West Summit Avenue. The initial rehabilitation period expired on September 25, while the extension of the first period ended on Monday.

Tuesday evening also, the advice …

— approved the bid for the geotechnical analysis of the soil at the Shenandoah Wastewater Treatment Plant to Allender Butzke Engineers.

— approved an agreement between the city and McClure Engineering for design and tendering services for the Shenandoah Regional Airport runway rehabilitation project.

— approved the solicitation of sealed bids for cash rent for 115 acres of cropland and 62 acres of hay land located at the airport, and 24 acres of hay land located near the processing site of the city ​​water and well.

— appointed Jennifer Jones as administrator of the Shenandoah Public Library, succeeding Andrea Swank.

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