Sheridan Smith’s health: the star’s fight against a “genetic” disease – alcoholism

The year was 2016 when Sheridan Smith was caught in a downward spiral, missing encores and letting audiences down. In a candid interview, the mother-of-one revealed she was “struggling”. “I was struggling with alcohol…with my mental health,” Sheridan told the Guardian. Discussing her appearance on the TV show Who Do You Think You Are, when she found out her great-grandfather was an “alcoholic,” Sheridan asked, “Is this all…genetic?”

There is said to be “overwhelming” evidence that alcoholism is genetic.

However, the authors said: “It should be emphasized that while genetic differences affect risk, there is no ‘alcoholism gene’.

“And environmental and social factors weigh heavily on the outcome.”

Campaign charity Alcohol Change UK reports that in England there are around 602,391 addicted drinkers – and just 18 per cent are receiving treatment.

Drinkaware explained that alcoholism is “a strong, often uncontrollable desire to drink”.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

A symptom of alcoholism is “impaired control over drinking.”

The charity expanded: “This may mean not being able to control the length of a drinking session, the amount of alcohol you consume when drinking, how often you drink, the inability to stop drinking once you start, or drinking on inappropriate occasions or in inappropriate places.”

Another symptom of alcoholism is “increasingly prioritizing alcohol.”

This means that you continue to drink alcohol despite the negative consequences for your health or your life.

Alcoholism can also lead to “adverse physical or mental effects of alcohol consumption”.

This includes increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms when not drinking, or drinking alcohol to prevent or lessen withdrawal symptoms.

The NHS offers alcohol addiction service near you; other useful contacts may include Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), We are with youand adfam.

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