Springboard Center helps West Texans fight addiction

MIDLAND, TX (KOSA) – The Springboard Center in Midland is launching a new campaign aimed at West Texas families struggling with the impact of addiction on their relationships.

The association has already launched SMS campaigns on themes such as “Promise” and “Hope”, but it is now “Family”.

The Family / Family campaign started on July 2 and now offers its services in English and Spanish.

Paul Colwell, director of marketing at the Springboard Center, says the campaign will give people the ability to ask for help in a low-key way.

“Using the medium of the text is a way of breaking down the barrier. Sometimes it’s hard for people to pick up and make a phone call, but it’s even more anonymous and less intrusive, shall we say, to use a text message, ”Colwell said.

Colwell added that drug and alcohol addiction affects many families, and this campaign will help people on a path to sobriety.

“Families are devastated. You know, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. You know it’s a family disease, and that’s one thing Springboard offers, it’s not just hope for the individual, hope for the addict, hope for the alcoholic, but we offer hope and healing to the family.

General manager Mark Alexander says they are flexible to ensure that potential customers who come to the establishment will be in good hands.

“If they have a hard time making the decision to get sober because they fear: ‘They can’t be sober, they can’t have the life they really want to have outside of an addiction,’ we said. want to try to encourage them to take treatment and see that there is life beyond what they currently know, ”said Alexander.

Alexander says you can text “144Family” or “144Familia” to 60700 to take your first step towards recovery.

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