Start early in dry January with delicious alcohol-free sips of Crisp & Crude


Talia Bennick, founder of the botanical alcohol-free cocktail brand Crisp & Crude, joined Stephanie and Rosie to share a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail recipe perfect for the holidays.

Crisp & Crude alcohol-free cocktails can be enjoyed on their own or as an ingredient as in Crimson Sunbird, recipe shared below. Cans also make unique Christmas stockings and are perfect for anyone looking to cut down on alcohol or get a head start on Dry January. Crisp & Crude offers different shipping sizes from each product: packs of 4, packs of 8, packs of 12, variety to taste packages, and for anyone looking for gift ideas, they also have monthly subscriptions.

Crisp & Crude is a local Austin brand that makes alcohol-free cocktails infused with natural and stimulating benefits from plant terpenes. Botanical terpenes are aromatic plant compounds found in plants, fruits, and roots that can have an immediate impact on mood. Crisp & Crude’s four ready-to-sip cocktails are intentionally crafted with different blends of terpenes to deliver specific benefits, and each is inspired by a traditional cocktail recipe.

Crisp & Crude cocktails can be purchased online at or at local retailers in Austin including Quickie Pickie, Royal Blue Grocery, The Austin Shaker, and Thom’s Market

Crimson Sunbird

Created by: Nicky James (@nicked_ya)

Ingredients + Material needed

  • Palo Santo or Rosemary
  • 1.5 oz of blood orange juice
  • 1.5 oz Earl Gray tea with lavender (strong infusion)
  • 0.5 oz of lavender syrup
  • Top with Crispy & Raw Shaped gold ~ 3 oz
  • Slice of blood orange and sprigs of lavender (for garnish)


Before starting the cocktail, light a piece of Palo santo or rosemary with a match until it smokes, place your chilled glass upside down on the hot wood. This can be done on a slate board or a cutting board covered with foil.

Fill your shaker halfway with ice cubes, then add the blood orange juice, tea and lavender syrup. Shake and filter finely.

When you are done building and shaking the drink, turn the glass upside down and enjoy the relaxing effects of the smoke as you pour the drink.

Garnish 3 oz glass with Crisp & Crude Gold Fashioned.

Garnish with half a blood orange wheel and a few sprigs of lavender flowers.

Preparation of ingredients:

Lavender Earl Gray tea: Prepare a strong tea and let it cool before mixing it.

Lavender syrup: Mix 1 tablespoon of dry lavender flowers with 8 oz of cold simple syrup in a vitamix or blender. Then strain. (You can also buy lavender syrup if you’d rather not make it.)


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