State Representative Dan Huberty faces addiction after DWI arrest

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State representative Dan Huberty, R-Houston, apologized Monday to fellow Texas Legislators, family and those involved in a car crash in late April that led to his arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.

“My name is Dan and I am an alcoholic,” Huberty said in a moving House speech.

He said on Monday he started seeking treatment immediately after the incident and admitted he struggled with alcoholism throughout his adult life. To a standing ovation from his colleagues in the lower house, Huberty added that he had completed three of the 12 stages of recovery.

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“Alcoholism is a serious illness,” Huberty said. “One that is becoming a pandemic in itself.”

Huberty was arrested on April 23 in Montgomery County after crashing his Corvette in a van and failing a field sobriety test. He was driving home from the State Capitol.

Officers from Montgomery County District 4 responded to an accident in Porter, a town about three hours from Austin, and arrived to find a Corvette “parked under a van.” All three people in the van sustained minor injuries, according to the police report, and the driver of the Corvette, identified as Huberty, was not injured. The Corvette was seized and Huberty was arrested for DWI, according to the report.

Huberty was elected to Texas House in 2011 after serving on the Humble ISD School Board for five years and as Chairman of the Board in his final year. Huberty has also worked with nonprofit Drunk Driving Mothers and Drunk Driving Students for almost 20 years.

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