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Director of social services NPO sentenced for embezzlement

Lashante Boyd, a former employee of the nonprofit Center Point, San Rafael, Calif., social services, was sentenced to three years and four months in state prison on embezzlement charges, according to an announcement from the California Attorney General Rob Bonta.

According to Bonta’s statement, from December 2016 to April 2019, Boyd embezzled more than $600,000 from Center Point, a nonprofit organization that provides educational, housing, medical, psychological, rehabilitation, social and vocational services. people facing homelessness, poverty, substance abuse and unemployment. She committed the theft by stealing checks from her colleagues’ desks that were made payable to the organization. Boyd then deposited them into bank accounts she controlled, according to Bonta’s statement, about 30 checks totaling $651,001.59.

Boyd pleaded guilty to two counts of grand larceny and aggravated white-collar improvement to theft over $500,000 in Marin County Superior Court. In addition to her prison sentence, she was ordered to pay $651,001.59 in restitution to Center Point.

“When you rob a nonprofit organization, you are really robbing the individuals and families who rely on that organization’s services,” Bonta said in the statement. “Using your position as an employee of an organization to misappropriate funds intended to help vulnerable people in your community is an abuse of power, and those who commit these offenses must be held accountable.”

The conviction resulted from an investigation by the California Department of Justice’s White Collar Investigative Team and the San Rafael Police Department.

According to a Form 990 on file with GuideStar, Center Point had total income of over $24.5 million, net income of $532,154 and net assets of just under $9.5 million for the company. fiscal year ended June 30, 2019, which was the most recent on file. The organization’s total income had fallen by $32 million the previous year, but its net income was $64,745 and its net assets grew by $8.9 million during that year.

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