Trying to avoid ‘Rovergate’ when her daughter comes home | Advice

– Not quite the empty Nesters

Dear not quite empty Nesters: In order to avoid “Rovergate”, you must act quickly and directly. Talk to your daughter about possible dog trainers or videos and books that could help her train the dog not to be destructive.

Before your daughter moves in, take fun walks or outings with your fur babies and hers. This way dogs can hopefully establish a friendship outside the home, in neutral territory.

Dear Annie: I am the mother of four grown children. I have many happy memories from all of their childhood, including birthdays, diplomas, and other milestones. I feel like I have wonderful relationships with three of them (and their spouses).

The fourth was difficult, to say the least. He rarely visits me and seems uncomfortable and angry around me. Everything I know about his life I find out about his brothers and sisters. He has addiction issues that he refuses to acknowledge – I think that’s part of what’s going on. This is definitely not where I imagined we would be at this point in our lives.

How to proceed? He doesn’t seem open or able to let me in.

Is there hope for a one-sided relationship? Should I just ignore the behavior and hope it comes back? I like him a lot, but loving him is getting harder and harder.

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