Tumalo resident Michael Sipe files for GOP nomination for District 53 seat at open house

TUMALO, Ore. (KTVZ) – Longtime Tumalo resident Michael Sipe, small business owner, community leader and military veteran, announced on Tuesday that he had filed documents with the Oregon Secretary of State for his nomination for the Republican nomination for Oregon House District 53, which now includes southwestern Redmond, Sisters, Tumalo, the northern part of Bend, and much of rural Deschutes County.

House District 53 is currently represented by Jack Zika, who announced that he will not be running again and who, according to Sipe, immediately approved him for the district headquarters, among many others with new limits due to the redistribution .

Here’s the rest of his press release – read more at https://www.avoiceforcentraloregon.com/:

Sipe, a 17-year-old resident of central Oregon, father of three grown children, stepfather of three other grown children and grandfather of three, most of whom live in central Oregon, said about his file:

“Our state government is not working for the people of central Oregon. Frankly, that doesn’t work for any of the people in Oregon. Elected Democrats dominated decision-making in Oregon for 10 years. Our state’s budget doubled during this period to over $ 86 billion. As a business man, I ask, ‘Where is all this money going?’

“The ‘results’ of this radically unbalanced ‘leadership’ speak for themselves. Crime is rampant in liberal cities and it is moving in our direction. Drug addiction and mental illness is an epidemic, leading to homelessness booming, including here in central Oregon.

“Based on independent quality and safety measures, Oregon education ranks 44th in the United States, with taxpayers spending $ 13,000 per student each year. Meanwhile, our teachers are overwhelmed and hampered by state bureaucracy. Over the past two years, we have seen stripped-down controls, closed schools, devastated small businesses, and ridiculous restrictions on individual freedoms – a direct result of government excess. Oregon has given up on common sense. I think the vast majority of people in central Oregon are fed up with it. Me too. 2022 offers the opportunity for positive change.

“As a state representative, I will be looking for common sense and creative approaches to produce what central Oregon needs, such as: excellence in education, successful small businesses, local control, public order, forest fire and smoke mitigation, water solutions, affordable housing and care, effective strategies to tackle homelessness and a strong stand against trafficking in human beings. I can and will represent the core values ​​of central Oregon because those are my values. :

Sipe runs 10x Catalyst Groups, which help CEOs grow their businesses ethically and use them to serve our community in accordance with Christian values. Sipe also owns CrossPointe Capital, a company specializing in business mergers and acquisitions. He has advised over half a billion dollars in transactions, using his ability to communicate, negotiate and resolve disputes creatively. Thanks to New Each Morning, the non-profit association founded by his wife Cathie, the reintegration needs of women graduating from alcohol and drug rehab programs are being addressed.

Sipe is also a # 1 bestselling author of The AVADA Principle, a book about an integrated life of work, worship and service. He is the chairman of the Bend Christmas Parade, Oregon’s largest Christmas parade, producer of the Redmond-based High Desert Men’s Summit, producer of the annual Central Oregon Leaders’ Prayer Breakfast, member and past president of the Rotary Club of Greater Bend. and former member of the board of directors of the Bend Chamber of Commerce.

Sipe lives with his wife Cathie in Tumalo.

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