Vancouver City Council Candidate and Ex-Fiancé in Court for Protection Order –

David Gellatly’s troubled past surfaces in alleged domestic violence incident

A Clark County Superior Court judge on Friday dismissed Vancouver City Council candidate David Gellatly’s request for a restraining order against a former fiancé.

Gellatly and her former fiancee Carmen Pruett were back in Clark County Superior Court for the second time on Friday October 1. The question was whether or not Judge Jill Sasser would extend a restraining order that Gellatly had sought on August 27 against Pruett, seeking to remove him from his residence and his son.

Lawyer Greg Cheney is arguing the case for David Gellatly’s claim in Clark County Superior Court on Friday, seeking a protective order from Gellatly’s former fiancée, Carmen Pruett. The case stems from a 9-1-1 call on July 27 with allegations of domestic violence. Graphic zoom of the court hearing
David Gellatly
David Gellatly

In requesting the restraining order, Gellatly said he was a victim of domestic violence. He said they were “intimate partners” who did not reside together. He asked the court to prevent Pruett from “causing bodily harm, bodily harm, assault, including sexual assault, including assaulting, harassing, threatening or stalking him.”

Gellatly asked the court to require Pruett to turn over all firearms and other dangerous weapons, as well as any concealed pistol licenses. He also asked Pruett to pay the cost of the lawsuit, including attorney fees. Gellatly is represented by lawyer Greg Cheney.

Although Judge Sasser denied Gellatly’s request for a protection order, she granted his request for a court order prohibiting Pruett from harassing him or his son. Sasser denied his request that Pruett pay attorney fees. The burden of proof was on Gellatly, 39, and the judge said he had failed on that burden with respect to the protection order; but he met that onus regarding the harassment request.

David Gellatly Police Report Carmen Pruett July 27, 2021
Police report of July 27, 2021. Click to view the PDF.

The case dates back to a July 27 9-1-1 call Pruett, 22, made to seek police assistance at Gellatly’s residence in Vancouver. She alleged that he “grabbed her by the wrists and forearms, trapped her arms behind her back and pushed her out of his house” around 5:50 p.m. that day, according to the report. from police. Shipping notes indicate that she alleged he picked her up and carried her up the stairs of the residence.

According to Pruett’s statement to police, she and Gellatly had been involved in an important romantic relationship which began in December 2020. She said that at one point the two were engaged and on the verge of marriage, but she ended the relationship and called off the marriage. due to Gellatly’s alleged abusive behavior.

She told officers she was not living with Gellatly on the date of the incident, but had last spent the night at the residence about a week before. She was at the residence that day to collect “business assets” for her photography business.

Pruett alleged that there had been another domestic argument on June 2. Gellat would have thrown

David Gellatly Carmen Pruett Clark County Superior Court Filing August 27, 2021
Clark County Superior Court filing August 27, 2021. Click to view PDF.

lowered her onto a sofa and coffee table, grabbed her by the arms, drugged her down the stairs, and pushed her out of the house in a manner similar to the events alleged by Pruett on July 27. Although she did not report this case to the police, she did report it to a friend who came to pick her up.

Gellatly told the police a different story. He admitted that they were dating and were engaged, but said the relationship ended about two months ago. She had a key to her residence while they were in the relationship.

At Friday’s hearing, Pruett admitted to entering without knocking or inviting him to his residence. She shared that he had “lovingly teased” her the only time she had punched before entering, during their relationship. So she used to come in unexpectedly.

Gellatly observed Pruett at the bottom of the stairs that day; he was not expecting her and nothing had been done to make her home. Gellatly said he put his hand up in front of him with his hand upright and his palm towards her saying “you can’t be here” and “you have to go” and other similar remarks. He informed the officer that at no time had he had physical contact with her inside the residence.

He told officers that she left voluntarily and he also left for a meeting scheduled in advance.

David Gellatly Carmen Pruett Clark County Superior Court Response from Carmen
Response from Carmen of the Clark County Superior Court, September 8, 2021. Click to view the PDF.

The day before the initial hearing, Pruett submitted to the court a “29-page response to false allegations.” She was not represented by a lawyer. Gellatly claimed that she murdered her character; Pruett said the allegation was completely false. She claimed to have been the victim of “domestic violence and abandonment of vulnerable adults”.

“The physical violence listed in the original police report shows that David is the abuser, not me,” she said. “I have attached photos of the bruises he left me from previous abusive encounters.” Pruett alleged that Gellatly broke her cell phone so that she could not access “evidence of previous abuse and alcoholism” that was on the phone.

During today’s hearing, attorney for Gellatly requested that the photos be removed from the record. Justice Sasser denied this request.

Gellatly alleged that Pruett punched him in the face, as an example of physical abuse. She told the judge it was once an act of self-defense.

Pruett said Gellatly lied when he said he left her; and that it was just the opposite. “I actually left him every time,” she said. The documents indicate that Gellatly was simply trying to “control the damage” to his reputation.

The judge asked if Pruett had lived in the Gellatly residence, which he claimed she had not lived. Pruett said she did and offered to produce the mail sent to her at her residence they shared.

Gellatly had mentioned security camera footage detailing what had happened. Pruett praised the production of this safety video. She says it will show that 30 seconds after entering, “I was physically pushed down the stairs and violently exited the door.”

Gellatly is “the aggressor and very dangerous,” said Pruett. “Just this week David agreed to physically fight someone for posting what he did.”

Pruitt reported bruises on his arms and legs. The police report indicates that Pruett presented no injuries. The report states that Gellatly refused written information on domestic violence (DV) but that the report would be forwarded to the DV unit. Pruett accepted the written information from the DV.

An officer said “Pruett did a threat assessment” and the score was “serious”. In Pruett’s submission, there were several photos showing bruises, which she claims to have received as a result of Gellatly’s previous abuse.

She alleged that Gellatly broke her phone because it contained photos and videos of “this abuse and extreme drunkenness.” She also mentioned Gellatly’s “criminal history of drug abuse and alcoholism” during her previous divorce and custody battle for her son. “He also admitted to using cocaine and alcoholism at the time,” she said.

The document also alleges financial manipulation and that it is “manipulative and aggressive”. Pruett alleged that Gellatly wanted to join their finances and that he gave her a credit card to pay for things, including items for their wedding. She said she reluctantly agreed to merge their finances.

Gellatly’s court appearance follows another Clark County political candidate involved in a domestic violence incident. More recently, Derik Ford suspended his campaign for mayor of Washougal after an arrest for domestic violence.

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