Whanganui’s Export Charlotte Stent Beats Incredibly Painful Surgery and Rehab to Join CD

Left arm Charlotte Stent in action as Whanganui’s only player on the Horowhenua Kapiti combined squad during last season’s Under-18 Cricket Express tournament at Victoria Park. Photo / Lewis Gardner

Whanganui export Charlotte Stent’s comeback is complete with a selection to the Central Districts Under-19 squad for nationals.

The fast left-handed pitcher Stent has joined the Central Districts squad with his inclusion in the Under-19 squad to play the NZC National Tournament in Lincoln next month.

The talented all-rounder Whanganui is currently affiliated with Taranaki as she is based at New Plymouth Girls’ High, representing the 1st XI and representing the Under-18s.

Her return to the central districts level after being an Under-15 star is all the more impressive given that at the start of last season Stent could barely walk as she faced incredibly operation and rehabilitation. painful calves and shins.

Cricket prodigy, joining Central Districts U15 when she was just 11-12 years old, Stent played for the boys’ cricket Wanganui representative teams as well as senior women in 2019-20 – the same season she was a key player of the U15 CD sweeping the annual Whanganui Cricket Festival tournament.

After being trained locally by Steve Meredith and then Dilan Raj, Stent transferred to NPGHS to seek more opportunities in women’s football.

However, with the summer of 2020-21 approaching, Stent’s father Gary said his daughter experienced a growth spurt which, coupled with heavy training on her developing body, resulted in overgrowth. of his calf muscles.

It was compartment syndrome – creating painful pressure that restricts blood flow while limiting the amount of fascia in the calves – the thin envelope of connective tissue that surrounds and holds organs, blood vessels, bones, and so on. nerve fibers and muscles.

“It looks like a spider web in your body,” said Gary Stent, a nurse by profession.

When the fascia dries out and tightens around muscles, it limits mobility and causes painful knots, while Stent also developed shin splints – literally in agony as she tried to play with the pain.

“Her injury got worse and she didn’t play much after that. In January, it was impossible to finish the games.”

A specialist who tested Stent’s calves found they swelled 33cm to 38cm after just one bike ride.

His father said that only 30 percent of athletes who need surgery for this problem are back to the same level as before.

Stent went under the knife in February to repair both calves, while having the shin bones removed from the splints.

After a lengthy rehab, Stent returned cautiously to the pitch this summer, wearing special sleeves on his legs while finishing the games with ice and salt baths.

She increased her low-impact training, doing more swimming, cycling, and physical therapy rather than jogging.

It worked when Stent returned to both Taranaki’s Under-18 and Senior Women’s teams, while also attending specialty camps for the Under-19 CD group.

She really impressed during the second edition of the Central Super League, which was held at Levin’s Donnelly Park last month.

The tournament featured four teams, which mixed established CD Hinds players with promising cricketers.

Stent was one of the youngest entrants, playing for the Levin Coastal Challengers under the guidance of White Fern Hannah Rowe, and bowling extremely well – tying the likes of another White Fern to Lauren Down.

Having worked at a sporting goods store in New Plymouth at the end of the school year, Stent will be home for Christmas before leaving with his CD U19 teammates for the NZC National Tournament Jan.6-12 in Canterbury.

“She’s absolutely thrilled,” said Gary Stent.

“She’s still a Whanganui girl – her parents live here and she comes back during the holidays.”

The Central Districts Under-19 Women’s Team is:

Ocean Bartlett (Wairarapa), Ashtuti Kumar (ManawatÅ«), Jessie Hollard (Taranaki), Emma McLeod (Wairarapa), Olivia Clark (Wairarapa), Flora Devonshire (Hawke’s Bay), Aniela Apperley (Hawke’s Bay), Grace Foreman (Taranaki), Charlotte Stent (Taranaki), Macy Lyford (Wairarapa), Elizabeth Cohr (Wairarapa), Sam Mackinder (ManawatÅ«), Abby Treder (ManawatÅ«).

Coach: Dan Harper; Manager / Assistant Coach: Kerry Tomlinson.

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