Why Jodi Gordon checked herself into rehab.

She continued, “If you want to have an opinion because of the things I’ve done wrong, that’s fine. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve hurt relationships, and those are things I try. to fix. And do I feel shame and guilt about it? Absolutely. These are things that will take time, but I don’t think it’s fair to have an opinion or degrade someone for trying to get help or trying to be better and improve their life.

Gordon did not elaborate on the domestic abuse allegations in his interview with Stellarsaying only that she would not comment on this relationship and that the matter was dealt with in court.

Listen to The Quicky: what life is like as a recovering alcoholic. The message continues after the audio.

Something particularly poignant that Gordon noted was the inevitability that in years to come there would be every chance that his daughter Aleeia would read his interview. Saying she shares a very special bond with her daughter, Gordon also thanked her ex-husband and fiancée for all they do for Aleeia.

“I had a chat with her, as much as I could with a little girl. She knew I was leaving, and we had a really nice chat when I got back,” Gordon said.

“I’m very aware that she’ll probably read this, so I hold that in my heart with every word I use. I guess I’m hoping that, God forbid, one day if she going through something dark, she can read this and know she doesn’t need to feel alone.”

She also said Stellar her rehab experience allowed her to connect with others and gain the tools to learn how to “deal with that pain, that trauma, how to break it down, and the coping mechanisms.”

“I feel like I’ve been given a second chance to live both inside and out in terms of a new path, a new chapter. I know this is all cliché, but when you dive deep into the dark issues that you have, when you can come out the other end, I think there’s freedom and release in that,” she explained.

As for what the next chapter looks like for Gordon, she said it’s about rebuilding, spending time with loved ones and enjoying the simple things.

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