Wildlife Rehabilitation shares time-lapse videos of growing animals

With spring come baby animals. And with baby animals, new patients come to the Critter Care Wildlife Society.

Each year, Metro Vancouver welcomes babies of all kinds of mammals at its center in Langley. This year, they decided to show how animals grow, from a few days to a few months, from tiny squeaky blind hairballs to bigger, more curious hairballs.

They plan to do this with five of their wards this year as part of their Watch me thrive series. So far, videos have been posted on Cadbury the river otter and Moses the raccoon. A beaver, skunk, and Columbia ground squirrel are all expected (but the animals are still growing.

Turn up the volume to hear their little squeaks!

Although cute, animals are expensive to care for as babies.

“We spend months preparing as we build our reserves to try to get through the months to come. We vaccinate all animals with all the rehabilitation in mind,” writes the organization on its website. “As the animals start to grow the needs start to change, that’s when it starts to get expensive because we have to make sure we have enough incubators. “

They also spend $ 50,000 just on infant formula and have to buy bottles to feed the animals; the Watch me thrive series videos are uploaded as part of a fundraising initiative.

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