Winnebago County Community Mental Health Board Shares Funding Proposals

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – The Winnebago County Community Mental Health Council has selected awards for its grant program for the year 2021-2022 proposals.

Total funding of $ 8.8 million will support the areas of mental health treatment, case management, crisis intervention services, and support to families and communities.

“The target populations are infant and early childhood mental health, severe emotional disorders in children, severe mental illness in adults and substance abuse disorders at all ages,” according to the WCCMHB.

WCCMHB will fully fund the following proposals totaling $ 6,202,864.22, subject to the implementation of funding agreements and work plans:

  • Home and Child Care: Winnebago County Doula Program
  • Home help for children: early prevention in the community (EPIC)
  • Crusader Community Health: Expansion of Crusader Behavioral Health Services
  • Northern Illinois Family Counseling Services: Therapist Expansion, Additional Training, and Office Space
  • Remedies Renewing Lives: Remedies Renewing Lives Domestic Violence Advocacy and Therapy Program
  • Remedies Renewing Lives: Position to Provide Mental Health / Case Management Services for Addiction Clients
  • Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling: Outreach Therapist
  • Rosecrance, Inc .: Access to Rosecrance Care
  • Stepping Stones of Rockford, Inc .: Stepping Stones Advisory Center
  • Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office: Winnebago County Jail Behavioral Health Program – Enhanced
  • Youth Services Network, Inc .: Youth Trauma Clinic (YTC)

WCCMHB will partially fund the following proposals totaling $ 2,592,358.74, subject to the implementation of updated funding agreements, work plans and budgets:

  • City of Rockford: Mental Health Co-Sponsor Program
  • Regional access and mobilization project: independent living services and training
  • Shelter Care Ministries: Coordinating care for Jubilee members
  • University of Illinois College of Medicine: The CARE Program – Compassionate Appreciation of Recovery for All

The process of finalizing updated funding agreements, work plans and budgets for funded proposals will take place this month, leading to the start of the 2021-2022 program year.

“Since we started reviewing applications, we have been delighted with the quality and innovation we have seen in all areas. It was difficult to make funding decisions because there were so many high quality applications. However, we are confident that the programs that are funded are those that best match the priorities and target populations outlined in our three-year strategic plan which has been informed by research and community input, ”said Mary Ann Abate, chair of the board.

A special event providing further details will be scheduled in June after finalization of funding agreements and work plans. At that time, a description of each program will be read and board members will have an opportunity to answer questions.

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