XRHealth Announces XR (Augmented / Virtual Reality) Therapy To Fight Mental Health Problems And Substance Abuse

BOSTON, June 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – XRHealth, the leader in extended reality and therapeutic applications, today announced that the XRHealth XR (augmented / virtual reality) therapy platform will now address mental health issues as well as addiction issues. XRHealth takes a holistic approach to wellness, dealing with both physical and emotional conditions, addressing the mind-body connection.

In research presented in Health affairs, they found that among patients 18 and older diagnosed with a mental health disorder, 55.8% also had four or more medical conditions, proving the importance of addressing the connection between the mind and the body. XRHealth found a similar pattern when treating patients for physical / ergonomic therapy – many patients had coexisting symptoms of stress and anxiety. XRHealth is now treating these conditions separately with psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers who all use the XRHealth XR Therapy platform as their primary treatment device.

the CDC also reported that since June 2020, 13% of American adults have started or increased drug addiction as a way to cope with COVID-19. Additionally, ODMAP noted that at the onset of COVID-19 there was an 18% increase in overdoses. To address this increased problem, XRHealth now treats addiction both through individual counseling and group therapy.

“During COVID-19, we have seen an increase in the use of narcotics and a strong need to fight anxiety and stress,” says Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth. “There are many platforms to address patient mental health issues, but we believe 3D support is more powerful than a 2D interface and can reach more patients effectively.”

XRHealth XR platform is HIPAA compliant and collects real-time quantitative data on each patient, allowing extensive patient monitoring and progress tracking. Virtual treatment rooms are immersive and engaging, accelerate recovery and encourage patient compliance.

“Effective treatment of stress, anxiety and substance abuse requires knowledge, skill and compassion. At XRHealth, we deliver all three, enhanced by a new way to improve adherence and therefore outcomes, ”says Orit Avni-Barron, MD, psychiatrist at XRHealth.

Mental health and addiction treatment will be available for patients Massachusetts start June 1st and will be available in other states in the coming months.

About XRHealth:
XRHealth operates state-of-the-art therapeutic virtual clinics, using extended reality technology (virtual and augmented reality) patented by the FDA and CE (virtual and augmented reality). XRHealth integrates immersive XR technology, licensed clinicians, and advanced data analytics into a single platform, delivering a comprehensive therapy care solution that allows patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their homes. The company offers a variety of patent pending solutions ranging from rehabilitation services to cognitive assessment and pain management training. XRHealth works with several world-renowned US healthcare providers, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Founded in 2016, XRHealth is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and its R&D center is located at Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information visit https://www.xr.health/.

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